Greendoor | About Us

Greendoor Property Management is a company whose Directors have professional backgrounds in Architecture and Management Consultancy. We specialise in Residential Block Management and Commercial Property Management and deliver an efficient and thorough service for Dublin and the Greater Dublin Area.

We are very proud of the professional service that we offer to all our clients. Our responsibilities as Managing Agents include Site Management, Financial Management and Emergency Service. We also offer a Letting Service. Our philosophy is one of regular, clear communication and professional delivery on daily issues. We monitor complexes regularly and communicate frequently with the Board of Directors. This is essential to the successful management of your developments. We act quickly and personally to issues as we become aware of them and communicate the results of our work regularly to our clients.

In Greendoor we also like applying new technology where it makes sense to our customers. We are always looking for smarter ways to communicate how we are doing to our clients and let them tell us how they think we are doing. By working with Greendoor, we believe that you will find that you are always up to speed with how we’re doing.

We believe in preventative management rather than reactive management and prioritise the following:

  • Considered cost control and aggressive debtor management.
  • Quick response times to issues and queries.
  • Efficiency.
  • Proactive communication and feedback from the Property Manager.
  • Achieving and maintaining high standards in a cost effective manner.
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